GOLD Registration–March 26-27, 2021

GOLD Registration Form

This annual registration form is for all clergy (both those already ordained and those seeking ordination) as well as those who have just started the journey by receiving a Local Minister License.


This will help us make sure that our district ministry records remain accurate.


Thank you for taking the time to carefully fill this out.





In order to receive your first District license or have a credential transferred to the Georgia District the district office must have a copy of a background check.  Please email your background check to

If you have had your local license for a year, and if you have completed 6 courses or a quarter of the course of study required for ordination you can ask your church board to vote on recommending you to the Georgia District for a District License by having them fill out Form 814.

In order to be ordained you must have attended the weekend long Ministerial Candidates Workshop (MCW).  Learn more about it here.

If so, you need to go through the divorce barrier removal process and schedule a time to meet with the credentials board.  To schedule a time or if you have questions contact our Credentials Chairperson, Rev. Lonnie Grant at




All academic records of any academic work should be emailed to Rev Justin Owens at:

Remember, we can not count them unless you email the transcripts to


Every year interviews to receive a district license and final interviews for ordination are conducted at our GOLD (Georgia Ordination and Leadership Development) which is held at Adrian Camp and Conference Center.


Our GOLD weekend begins on the 4th Friday in March this year and is mandatory for everyone working towards ordination. Find out more about GOLD here.